Course curriculum

    1. Why do we need user onboarding?

    2. Eric Keating: A short-term retention problem

    3. Wes Bush: The link between user onboarding and retention

    4. The business impact of user onboarding

    5. Does a brilliantly-designed product really need user onboarding?

    1. What is user onboarding?

    2. Toggl's onboarding flow

    3. Airtable's onboarding flow

    4. Time-to-value (TTV) and onboarding beyond in-app

    1. Bad versus good onboarding

    2. 6 user onboarding mistakes to avoid right now

    3. User onboarding best practices

    4. Lyla Rozelle: Why every team has a stake in user onboarding

    1. Segmentation and personalization

    2. Eric Keating: The importance of personalization in user onboarding

    1. Creating your onboarding experience

    2. Andrew Capland: The importance of revisiting your entire user journey regularly.

    3. The 3 steps in the user journey

    4. Building your first in-app onboarding flow

    1. Build vs. buy: the ultimate decision

    2. Tom Barragry: Why GetResponse chose to buy an onboarding tool

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