Course curriculum

    1. The requirements to get the Mobile App Onboarding 101 badge and certificate

    1. Mobile’s massive short-term retention problem

    2. Ramli John: Why user retention is so bad for mobile

    1. Three important mobile engagement and user reports

    1. Avoiding the tutorial trap

    2. Step #1: Identify a key app action and drive users towards it

    3. Bonus video: How to find your product's "Aha" Moment

    4. Step #2: Make it as easy for users to perform those key actions

    5. Step #3: Address friction points

    6. Step #4: Analyze, adjust, and repeat

    1. A word of caution

    2. Full-screen takeovers

    3. Mobile modals

    4. Michaela Sleeth: Mobile modal use cases

    5. Banners and slides

    6. Nudges, spotlights, and tooltips

    7. Checklists

    8. Choosing the right design tactics for your app

    1. The 3 key ingredients for engaging push notifications

    2. 1. Personalize push notification content

    3. 2. Align push notifications with your in-app messaging

    4. 3. Lead users to in-app value

    5. Wrapping up

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