Course curriculum

    1. The requirements to get the Free-to-Paid Conversion badge and certificate

    1. What is free to paid conversion and why is it important?

    2. Free-to-paid conversion benchmarks

    3. The importance of the free-to-paid conversion

    1. Reason #1: Value gap problem

    2. Reason #2: A friction problem

    3. Andrew Capland: How the Wistia team identified friction in their user journey

    4. Reason #3: A generous “free” account problem

    1. The biggest challenge to improving your free-to-paid conversions

    2. Shorten the time-to-value

    3. Claudiu Murariu: Finding the time-to-value that maximizes the number of retained new users

    4. The Treasure Hunt framework

    5. Ramli John: The treasure hunt framework

    1. A better version of themselves

    2. Kareem Mayan - Knowing your users' desired outcomes

    3. Your product’s “job interview”

    4. The progress-making forces

    5. Why user research is the key

    1. The happy path

    2. Step 1: Identify the features that allow users to do the job they want to do.

    3. Step 2: Contextualize the upgrade prompts.

    4. Step 3: Create your Happy Path(s).

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